Apr 22

Check craigslist, as someone (who secretly hates sewing) will have received one for and be trying to get rid of it! beginner level machine under $100 will probably do fine if you are starting out. Most have the basic stitches you will need: straight, zigzag lieu of serge/overlock) and had many machines over the years, and home. My favorite is a 40 year old Featherweight Singer that can sew through 8 layers of tapestry and even fingers! Ouch. worst machine ever was a $1200 Bernina with all the bells and whistles. killed that one in less 6 months. So you can see it’s personal, like a golf club (DH would say) My newest machine I bought for $60 off Craigslist. so far so good!

Happy Sewing

I have a PfaIff machine since almost 10 years and LOVE it, but it was pricey. I would not have gotten it and stayed with my oil press simple machine if we would have moved to the states and I could have kept using the 220 volts.

If I by a simple machine I make sure it has besides the regular straight stitches and zigzag, also and elastic stitch (it’s a triple straight stitch), so you can so over stretchy material easier, buttonholes are useful, too.

An old Featherweight Singer is on my wishlist for sewing through leather so I don’t mess my machine up.

I love my Singer! Mine was around $200, not cheap, cheap, but not expensive. I find it is perfect for the crafty mama:) I have quite a few stitch options(20ish), an easy to use button holer and its never given me one problem. I’ve had it about 6 years and some days I really put it thru its paces. I have a small business as well as sewing for family/crafts. My mom has had her Singer for 30+ years and its still going, they make good machines. IMO they make the best machines for typical home use. There are waaaay fancier machines but most of us just don’t need all the bells and whistles that those things oil press machine have even tho they sound so great.

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